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A Mother-Daughter Duo

Our Story

  Danielle and Susan are the co-owners and mother-daughter duo behind ButterCup Co. The saying “like mother, like daughter” holds true for this duo as Susan has passed on her affinity to express her creativity and take on new and challenging DIY projects on to her daughter, Danielle. They often find themselves creating a variety of different crafts together including custom live-edge walnut charcuterie boards, candles, blankets, headboards, and more!


Danielle spent eight years in post-secondary education completing her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. In those eight years, she was mostly fuelled by coffee to help her through her long days of studying. As a now practicing chiropractor in London & Strathroy, ON, she always has her YETI tumbler in hand giving her the boost she needs to get her through her busy days treating patients. 

Our love for coffee, wine, and craft beer combined with our crafty passion is what ignited the spark and ButterCup Co. was born! We know this is just the beginning of our laser engraving journey and we are excited to bring your customized drinkware to life!


- With love,

Danielle & Susan

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